How the Tesla Roadster is Going to Change the Auto Industry

Tesla has spent the last decade designing the future and revolutionizing the past. Since its flashy introduction in 2017, the new sports focused Roadster has left the car industry in a frenzy of anticipation. With unbelievable specs, dynamic steering performance, and a space-sleek design, the Tesla Roadster is defining luxury driving. With its scheduled release […]

The Top 5 Fastest Motorcycles

Speeding away with a cool motorcycle is something that most bike enthusiasts love. The speed does not merely demonstrate the power of your bike, but it also reflects your passion and love for the sport. So if you are someone who’s looking to fall the sudden rise in your adrenaline levels on a high speed […]

Powerful Cars Under $30,000

If you are looking for one of the most powerful cars under 30,000, then you are looking for one of the cars on this list. With as much horsepower as possible, you will find that one of these cars under $30,000 could be the right new vehicle for you. These cars are considered to be […]