All that you wanted to know about the 2017 Gm Duramax Turbo Diesel

TGm duramax turbohe 6.6 liter next generation turbo diesel Duramax engine, is probably the most powerful diesel to date. This turbo diesel is up for its debut in the GMC Sierra Heavy Duty and the Silverado Heavy Duty of 2017. It is considered to be the most powerful diesel till date as it will come with more power, greater torque and lesser emissions than any other diesel.
What is special about the 2017 GM Duramax turbo diesel?

Having a rate of 445 horsepower, 2850 rpm and about 910 fts of torque at 1,600 rate per minute, this latest engine is probably the best of its kind. According to the GM engineers, almost every piece from the tip to tail of this awesome V-8 engine will make it tad more efficient and stronger. Although it offers the same rate of displacement and a valve setup of 32 vs, yet all other aspects of the latest engine is truly new and updated. It has ticked all the boxes an engine require to rule the road in style.

The new and stronger version of Duramax will come with 19 percent greater level of torque and about 12 percent greater level of horsepower. It is equipped with the latest and strongest cast-iron which can be blocked to house crankshafts with larger diameters, stronger connecting rods and solid pistons. The aluminum cylinder head will incorporate the intake and the exhaust of the passages providing a stiffer and much better level of cooling. All in all, it is a complete package for both people sitting in front and in the back.

When it comes to the injection system, the diesel will use a smarter and tad more sophisticated fuel injector which is capable of taking 29,000 pounds every square inch. It will also come with seven different events for every event of combustion, in an attempt to make the entire process quieter. If you are in a no mood to be disturbed by the annoying engine noise then you will find it really superb. You might not hear even slightest of noise. Likewise, it will also turn out to be much more powerful and will exhaust lesser amounts of unburned fuel. This means, it is not only good for the people driving or sitting but at the same time, it does as less as possible harm to the environment.

The best part: this new and latest version of Duramax 2017 will come with a variable vane turbocharger that can be electronically controlled. This will also provide better and more consistent performance for the exhaust brake system.