How the Tesla Roadster is Going to Change the Auto Industry

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Tesla has spent the last decade designing the future and revolutionizing the past. Since its flashy introduction in 2017, the new sports focused Roadster has left the car industry in a frenzy of anticipation. With unbelievable specs, dynamic steering performance, and a space-sleek design, the Tesla Roadster is defining luxury driving. With its scheduled release in early 2021, it’s time to break down what makes the Tesla Roadster so exciting.

Top 5 Tesla Roadster Specs

The Quickest Car in the World

There has always been competition in the car world. No car had ever reached sixty miles per hour in under two seconds. Well, that is, until Tesla’s Roadster broke that record in 2017. Early on, General Motors and Ford fought for supremacy. Now there are hundreds of car manufacturers all over the world with specific area of expertise. Though one statistic always reigns supreme: speed.

Need for Speed, Fast and Furious, NASCAR, the car world is obsessed with seeing how fast a car can get from point A to point B. The Tesla Roadster ups that anti immensely. Not only does the car reach sixty seconds faster than any car before it. It also can hit speeds over 250 miles per hour and launches to 100 MPH in 4.3 seconds. Those are outrageous speeds, but, of course, it doesn’t end there.

The New Standard for Electric Vehicles

Since the vehicle is all-electric, it’s able to achieve record breaking stats without the use of gasoline. These earth-shattering capabilities have the positive effect of cleaning pollution from the planet. One of the biggest criticisms levied against electric vehicles is normally their diminished performance. That simply isn’t the case with the Tesla Roadster. Instead, it is able to out race any gasoline fueled sports cars.

In addition, the Roadster is able to travel up to 630 miles per charge. Dramatically outperforming luxury cars in its category. The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster holds 22.5 gallons of gas and is able to travel 100 miles per 9.1 gallons. A total of 247 miles per tank. That is only slightly over a third of what the Tesla Roadster is able to achieve.

This high performance is going to be desirable for luxury drivers and will inevitably incentives other manufacturers to adopt electric and hybrid capabilities. Tesla currently dominates the hybrid and electric segment of the industry because they are not challenged by any other companies. In the next ten years, that is going to drastically change. The short-term result is more competition and options for consumers, the long-term result will mean a seismic shift away from gas and oil to electric and sustainable energy.

Sleek Design and Wind Reduction

The speed and mileage are only made possibly by the sharp design of the Roadster. Through cutting edge aerodynamic efficiency, the car stands above all of its competitors. One limitation is that these choices come at the expense of cargo room. Of course, if anyone buys a Roadster for its cargo room, they have severely misunderstood the car. This vehicle isn’t about transporting things, it’s about moving people. If the final Roadster model lives up to expectations, it’ll do that better than any car on the market.

Three engines spread throughout the car give it the necessary power for all-wheel driving. This is an exciting feature that allows for better maneuverability and stability on hard turns. Making the roadster a great car for city and rural exploration. The exceptional style means that paint protection filming and window tints are an absolute must.

Luxury Interior for Maximum Comfort

Tesla’s website boasts that it’s “the first supercar to set every performance record and still fit seating for four.” It’s a cool boast that smartly leaves out the word “spacious”. The back seats do exist, though sitting in them throughout a long-distance road trip isn’t recommended. With the sharp angle of the Roadster’s roof lining, it is theorized that the back seats may not accommodate adults altogether. While not the most comfortable in back, the driver and passenger seats are suited for maximum comfort.

Since the car is still in the concept phase, few facts are known at this time about the exact makeup and amenities of the interior. However, the current design seems in line with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s minimalist, space age aesthetic. Adding to the futuristic effect, the steering wheel pops out of the dashboard like some kind of video game controller. A beautiful touchscreen extends from the center console to the top of the dash. The interior design brings the entire car to a heightened level of sophisticated, luxury design while not looking pretentious. It’s a fast car that looks the part.

Connectivity and Infotainment

Tesla has never prioritized external applications for its dashboard. It’s more than likely that Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and Android Auto will not be available for the Roadster. Same goes for SiriusXM and AM radio. That being said, Tesla does make up for those omissions with Spotify integration, onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, and several entertainment apps for when you’re parked and charging. Those include YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and even HBO Max. So, while not making the Roadster open to every app on the planet, Tesla does give plenty of options for when a driver is needing their favorite entertainment.


Tesla aimed to put all gas-powered vehicles to shame with their Tesla Roadster. If Tesla is able to deliver on all of its promises with the Roadster, then they succeeded. It will be a defining moment in auto manufacturing as every other company begins their journey to rival the speed, style, and features that Tesla is offering. Zero to sixty in under two seconds is impressive. Doing that with four seats while jamming out to Spotify is the future. The reason Tesla’s influence and stock price has consistently been rising is because they are challenging the automobile industry on a daily basis. That sort of consistent ingenuity and tenacity will hopefully make it to the public in 2021. Maybe not at 250 miles per hour. That can be saved for the race track.