How the Tesla Roadster is Going to Change the Auto Industry

Ford taurus
Tesla has spent the last decade designing the future and revolutionizing the past. Since its flashy introduction in 2017, the new sports focused Roadster has left the car industry in a frenzy of anticipation. With unbelievable specs, dynamic steering performance, and a space-sleek design, the Tesla Roadster is defining luxury driving. With its scheduled release in early 2021, it’s time to break down what makes the Tesla Roadster so exciting.

Top 5 Tesla Roadster Specs

The Quickest Car in the World

There has always been competition in the car world. No car had ever reached sixty miles per hour in under two seconds. Well, that is, until Tesla’s Roadster broke that record in 2017. Early on, General Motors and Ford fought for supremacy. Now there are hundreds of car manufacturers all over the world with specific area of expertise. Though one statistic always reigns supreme: speed.
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